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Air Quality & Mold

Envirotactics performs various indoor air quality assessments for mold, vapor intrusion, and volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as tetrachloroethylene (PCE), benzene or other chemicals of concern.

Envirotactics IAQ personnel are highly qualified and experienced in performing IAQ assessments. All microbial and indoor air quality investigations are performed in accordance with the industry accepted guidelines set forth by OSHA, EPA, ACGIH, AMIAQ, and the AIHA. Additionally, Envirotactics maintains the required insurance criteria to perform these IAQ services.

Mold Assessments
Envirotactics performs residential and commercial building mold assessments and indoor air quality investigations in response to concerns about water damage, known microbial contamination including Stachybotrys chartarum, odor, and general health complaints. These investigation may include, but are not be limited to, a comprehensive testing of fungal contamination in the indoor air and will offer a comparison of these levels with the background levels detected in the outdoor environment.  Once the delineation of any significant microbial contamination is completed, Envirotactics provides a detailed report of our findings and if necessary, prepares technical specifications for the remediation of the mold.

Vapor Intrusion
As often required during NJDEP investigations, Envirotactics performs vapor intrusion investigations. These investigations consist of sub-slab and ambient air sampling to determine if subsurface contamination has impacted the indoor air quality of the building. The sample results are compared to applicable health based criteria for submission to the NJDEP.

Envirotactics also performs vapor intrusion sampling as part of real estate transactions due to concerns from offsite contamination. These assessments are typically done in areas with known dry cleaner or gas station discharges and may be conducted due to chemical odors or the presence of volatile organic compounds (i.e. VOC’s, perchloroethylene “Perc or PCE”, formaldehyde, etc.).