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As the complexities of development and infrastructure increases, accurate record keeping of these assets and facilities is paramount. Envirotactics supplies valuable geographic data solutions (GIS/GPS) to private companies and government agencies to meet these requirements.

Field Data Collection
Envirotactics utilizes hand held sub-foot accurate GPS units to collect field data and site features. Typical field data collected includes wetlands lines, soil boring locations, monitoring wells, buildings, streams, and habitat delineations. This information is presented on site maps, aerial photographs, and provides a cost effective alternative to having a site surveyed.

Utility Data Collection
Envirotactics accurately collects sub-foot spatial data for utility infrastructure including: sanitary sewers, storm water systems, fire hydrants, natural gas pipelines, traffic signals, etc. This data is compiled in geo-databases which allows for ongoing maintenance and inventory.

Geospatial Data Management
Envirotactics will utilize your existing data and maintain all updates and databases. Envirotactics will publish your data and geo-databases in formats accessible to the client. Possible data types include: utility data, traffic signage data, resource inventories, tree surveys, etc.

Habitat Mapping
Utilizing experienced environmental personnel, Envirotactics collects important habitat and biotic community data to support the development of properties and right-of-ways. This data is published in full color maps used to guide site development by avoiding regulated or environmentally sensitive areas.

Contamination Migration Pathways
By utilizing multiple data sources including groundwater and soil contamination data and geologic information, Envirotactics can model contamination plumes at a site. By utilizing this resource early in the clean-up process clients can save substantial costs by predicting contamination migration and acting accordingly.

3-Dimensional Renderings
Envirotactics’ GIS capabilities provide the ability to create 3D renderings of proposed developments and existing structures to perform line-of-sight analysis and create three-dimensional visibility maps. Features that can be modeled include real-world surface features, such as buildings and subsurface features that include wells, mines, groundwater, and underground storage facilities. This process is also used to generate shadow diagrams for waterfront buildings as required by the NJDEP.

Data Distribution and Dissemination
Envirotactics provides public and interagency staff with web based applications and a portal to access your important spatial data. These web based applications are distributed to allow non GIS users complete access to data and the ability to update databases in real-time.