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Land Use

As land use regulations continue to become more stringent and complex, Envirotactics can guide your development from site selection to final build out in all regulated land use areas.

Land Use Assessments
Envirotactics performs land use assessments on properties ranging from single residential lots to 1,000 acre sites.  These assessments help our clients determine the environmental constraints of the property and help guide the development from the early stages.  The assessments provide clear and concise recommendations regarding property yields and regulatory pathways.  Based on the location of the site, various land use issues will be reviewed including: CAFRA, Freshwater Wetlands, Flood Hazard Area, Threatened and Endangered Wildlife, etc.  Envirotactics recommends performing this initial assessment prior to the purchase or development of your site.

Wetlands Delineations and Letters of Interpretation
Envirotactics will determine the wetland boundaries on your site and delineate the boundary both efficiently and accurately.  In conjunction with our GPS/GIS Mapping capabilities, this wetland line data can be recorded and submitted to the NJDEP for approval or provided to your engineer or surveyor for incorporation into your site plans.

Once field activities are completed Envirotactics prepares and submits a wetland Letter of Interpretation Application (LOI) for submission to the NJDEP.  The application will establish the wetland boundary on the site and the appropriate transition area width.

Transition Area Waivers and Wetland General Permits
Envirotactics will help you and your design team develop your property to the fullest extent possible using Transition Area Waivers (TAW) and General Permits (GP) to allow limited disturbance of wetlands and transition areas.

Individual Permits
Envirotactics will provide wetland Individual Permits (IP) for development allowable by an IP.  These permits include infrastructure improvements and telecommunications tower services.

Wetlands Mitigation and Restoration
Envirotactics will develop a responsible wetland mitigation or restoration plan in the best interests of our clients and the environment.  The proper design and execution of wetlands mitigation and restoration can assure the success of these projects and reduce overall costs.


Certain types of waterfront residential development require that a CAFRA or Waterfront Development Permit-By-Rule (PBR) application be submitted to the municipality. The turnaround time for this type of permit is typically much faster than NJDEP issued permits.

CAFRA and Waterfront Development Permits
Envirotactics supports coastal area residential and commercial development through the submission of CAFRA and Waterfront Development permits.  These permits allow for development of the upland areas as well as the installation of overwater structures such as docks, pilings, and boat lifts.

Envirotactics will work with you and your engineers and architects throughout the planning and design process to develop a plan in compliance with NJDEP regulations.  Once permit applications are submitted to the NJDEP, Envirotactics will continue to represent your interests throughout the permit review process.

Envirotactics will develop comprehensive and cost-effective solutions required for mitigation and restoration needs for various special areas including but not limited to, steep slopes and wetlands.


Preliminary Threatened and Endangered Wildlife Assessment
Using NJDEP published Threatened and Endangered (T&E) Habitat mapping as well as information from the Natural Heritage Database, Envirotactics will assist you in determining the presence or absence of T&E habitat prior to purchase or in the preliminary stages of development.  This assessment, typically coupled with our Land Use assessment (listed above), helps to determine transition area widths and will help to outline additional T&E work on the site, if required.

Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat Assessments
Envirotactics will perform Phase I habitat assessments for all individual species identified in the preliminary T&E Wildlife Assessment.  This includes a thorough onsite assessment and additional GIS/GPS based mapping.  If suitable habitat for T&E species is observed further surveys can be conducted.

Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
Various Phase II species specific surveys can be conducted based on the needs of the client and the proposed development.  These surveys can range from snake trapping studies to raptor surveys to treefrog species surveys.


Flood Hazard Area Permits
Envirotactics supports residential and commercial developments within flood hazard areas through the submission of applicable Flood Hazard Area Permits. These permits may be prepared in conjunction with Freshwater Wetlands or CAFRA Permits and can be submitted as Permit-By-Rules, General Permits or Individual Permits.

Environmental Impact Statements
Envirotactics will prepare Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) in support of your development if required by the municipal review process.  We are prepared to meet all regulatory requirements of the municipality your project is located in.

Natural Resource Inventories
Envirotactics will provide municipalities and counties with a complete Natural Resource Inventory (NRI).  These projects are best completed with close cooperation and coordination with the environmental commission.  This allows hands-on participation with your municipality while providing the resources of a professional corporation.  We have discovered that this approach is mutually beneficial to all parties and the most economical.

Notice of Violation Support
Envirotactics will work with both the client and the NJDEP to develop a cost effective and mutually beneficial solution to Land Use Enforcement issues.  We have provided assistance to property owners regarding damages of various types including illegal docks, clearing of regulated wetlands/steep slopes and pubic access issues.

Expert Testimony
Envirotactics will provide expert testimony for land use cases.  Envirotactics has represented homeowners, developers and conservation groups during their judicial proceedings with the NJDEP and other agencies.