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Remediation & Industrial

Remediation Services
Envirotactics provides a full range of remediation services to address soil and groundwater contamination. Envirotactics has extensive experience remediating sites utilizing technologies that include excavation and disposal, bioremediation, pump and treat systems, and in-situ remediation such as chemical oxidation.

Brownfields refer to properties that are under utilized, or have real or perceived contamination. Envirotactics performs preliminary site assessments and site investigations on Brownfield sites to effectively characterize the onsite contamination. Based on the site investigation results, remedial action alternatives and strategies are developed to effectively cleanup the property.  The NJDEP encourages the redevelopment of Brownfield sites in an effort to put these properties back on the tax rolls, help create jobs and restore the integrity and revitalize the communities often stigmatized by these properties. Tax benefits and other funding programs are offered to developers interested in the redevelopment of Brownfield sites. Please call Envirotactics for information on funding opportunities.

ISRA Case Management
In New Jersey, many transfers of industrial properties are subject to the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA), which was formerly known as ECRA. Change in ownership, sale or change of operations, and cessation of operations are some of the transactions that are subject to ISRA. Envirotactics provides all aspects of ISRA case management for Applicability Determinations, General Information Notifications (GIN), Preliminary Assessment Reports (PAR), Negative Declaration Affidavits, Site Investigation Reports, and Remedial Action Reports.