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Site Investigation

During property acquisitions or development, Envirotactics can assist you with investigating potential environmental liability. Envirotactics provides complete site investigation services from initial assessment through the collection of soil and groundwater samples to characterize a site.  Envirotactics can provide a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) to address discharges that occurred after November 4, 2009.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
During property acquisition or loan applications, due diligence often requires completion of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I). All Phase I’s are performed in accordance with the American Society For Testing And Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process, Designation E 1527.
Envirotactics Phase I’s are completed by performing a site walk-through, reviewing local municipal records, reviewing State and Federal databases, and investigating historical information to identify any areas of potential environmental concern. All gathered information is presented in a comprehensive report, which identifies areas that require additional investigation. All assessments are performed in a timely manner with strict attention to accuracy.

Transaction Screens
In circumstances where a full Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is not required, Envirotactics will perform Transaction Screens according to ASTM Standards or conduct a site “walk-through”. While not providing the full inquiry of a Phase I, these practices can provide valuable information and identify potential liabilities.

Preliminary Assessments
Envirotactics conducts Preliminary Assessments for sites that require approvals from the NJDEP for site investigations or Green Acres Grants. Preliminary Assessments are conducted pursuant to the NJDEP “Technical Requirements for Site Remediation” (N.J.A.C. 7:26E).

Underground Storage Tank Investigations
During a real estate transaction the presence of an underground storage tank (UST) is often a concern for environmental liability. Envirotactics will investigate a property using a metal locator or ground penetrating radar (GPR) services to determine the absence and/or presence of underground storage tanks.  If a tank is present on the property, Envirotactics tests the soils surrounding the underground storage tank by installing soil borings, performing a visual inspection of each soil boring, and submitting soil samples to an independent laboratory for analysis. The information is used to determine if a potential leak has occurred and if further investigation or removal is warranted.

Underground Storage Tank Removals & Abandonments
If a heating oil underground storage tank (UST) is no longer in use, or gas conversion is being considered, Envirotactics offers complete tank removal and abandonment services. By removing a UST, it will help remove the “stigma” often associated with underground storage tanks thus making the property more marketable and reducing liabilities associated with USTs.
Envirotactics has extensive experience performing underground storage tank removals and abandonments.  Envirotactics project managers are OSHA trained and certified by the NJDEP as UST Closure/Subsurface Evaluators.  These certifications are required to perform tank closures and subsurface investigations of leaking underground storage tanks. Envirotactics skillfully handles all phases of UST projects from tank registration and/or permitting to NJDEP No Further Action (NFA) approvals.

Subsurface Investigations
Envirotactics specializes in performing subsurface soil and groundwater investigations and sampling. Investigative techniques used include surface sampling, test pits, soil borings or probes, monitoring well installation, temporary well point installation and soil vapor gas surveys. Regulatory sampling guidelines and quality assurance/quality control procedures are followed and maintained at all times.  The results of investigations are utilized to evaluate appropriate remedial alternatives or to support NFA requests. Modeling of contaminants in soil and groundwater can be performed to provide additional supporting documentation.

Site Remediation
For Site Remediation Services please see OTHER SERVICES.